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Meet this Kedger working in publishing in Cambridge

As part of his Nomad Pro-Act, KEDGE PGE student Robin Rouvier is meeting our graduates living in Northern Europe to ask them about their experiences living abroad.

"Jade gave me an interview at Cambridge, the university she attended." - Robin Rouvier

Please introduce yourself?

Hello. My name is Jade Heyman. I attended the Master in Management Grande Ecole programme at KEDGE Marseille. Then I earned a 2nd master degree at Cambridge University. I'm still in Cambridge, working in publishing.


Tell us what you did at KEDGE.


I attended KEDGE after I finished an ECS preparatory class. My plans were to work in a cultural industry, for example in music, books, or the entertainment industry. So I took all the courses that were related to these fields, that’s to say courses that were more or less literary or historical. For example, I took a course on the history of South Asia that I was very interested in.

An essential element of my studies was doing internships. I did a total of four internships, three of which were long, which is rare for a master's degree. I was a member of the Captain Jack student association, and part of the graduating class that founded the newspaper. Because of that, I was spotted by a journalist from Provence who offered me an internship. That's how I started in journalism. After that first experience, I went to Paris to work for a magazine that specialised in high tech, and then for a geopolitical magazine. Everything else fell into place quite easily.


My final internship was at the Alliance Française in Oxford. That's where I fell in love with the city and its hyper-cultural, hyper-international university environment. And that's when I decided to apply for a master degree at both Cambridge and Oxford Universities.


How did you get accepted to Cambridge?

For a year in advance I worked on assembling a dossier with letters of recommendation and dissertations in English, and I took an English test. I also met a professor of Japanese literature at the university who supported my application. That's how I accepted into Cambridge. I got finished my master in Japanese literature in one year.


Why a Master in Japanese literature after your degree from KEDGE?

I was looking for something more literary that would complement my business master that was oriented towards publishing and the media so that I would qualify for different positions in publishing. That's why I applied to Cambridge.

What job did you get after you got these two master?

My goal was to work in publishing and I found a job in England quite quickly - much more easily than in France in fact. I worked for a small independent university publisher, and he put me in charge of his sales and advertising department as soon as I arrived. I worked there for a year and developed many projects. That opened the door to more generalist jobs, including the strategy of a publishing company.


What are you planning on next?

I’ve just gotten a position with the Royal Society of Chemistry selling academic journals and scientific books across Europe and the UK.

I’ll be travelling extensively, negotiating contracts, and developing opportunities in new territories. I will develop a more strategic aspect in publishing.


Tell us about your life in Cambridge.

I discovered the city as a student. It's a hyper cultural city with a lot of students coming from all over the world, there are a lot of events, rituals, and is really traditionally English. Life in Cambridge is very rich.



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