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This Kedger has launched Moonstone, a real estate agency specialising in exceptional properties, in Bordeaux

Marin Dufraisse, who graduated from KEDGE's Grande Ecole Programme in 2020, has just launched a real estate agency specialising in the purchase, sale, and rental of exceptional properties.

Founded by Marin Dufraisse, Moonstone aims to stand out from its competitors by freeing its clients from all the hassles of selling, buying, or renting a property, whether for the duration of an event, a shoot, or a film shoot.

I created Moonstone to provide my clients with a unique support and service package for making their real estate projects in Bordeaux and its surrounding area a reality. - Marin Dufraisse

Moonstone's goal is to provide each client with the best quality service throughout their real estate project, with personalised, permanent, and complete support, as well as the most extensive range of complementary services! With this premise in mind, Marin, who also founded the Kedge’Bees student association while studying on the KEDGE campus in Bordeaux, recently opened his agency.


While attending the Grande Ecole Programme, this Kedger, who specialised in luxury management after getting a diploma in real estate, analysed the real estate market in Bordeaux and the region, particularly the high-end properties on offer. He found that, despite a large number of players in the sector, there was little innovation and the customer experience was often unsatisfactory or incomplete, and only partially met the expectations of clientele who were used to luxury standards. [

This seems paradoxical because a real estate purchase, whether for a primary or secondary residence or as an investment, is often the project of a lifetime. It is essential to understand your client's needs and goals, which requires dialogue and working closely with him or her.  You must also be able to offer the services of selected partners, such as surveyors, interior designers, notaries/lawyers, mortgage brokers, concierge service providers, etc.

Moonstone is located in the heart of the Chartrons district, 105 rue du Jardin Public, and brings a personalised approach to the demands of its French and international clients. Supported by two employees, Marin is building his agency via a strong presence on social networks, but most importantly, through relationships.

The agency operates in the Bordeaux area, and particularly for prestige properties, such as charming flats, lofts, family homes, castles, wine estates, and seaside villas. Its motto is that luxury real estate is not a matter of pomp or price but should be synonymous with rarity, quality, and emotion.

Whatever your project, the agency's team will be happy to advise and guide you to its successful completion.



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