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This Kedger has won over a million euros on a popular TV game show

Bruno Hourcade from Toulouse, a graduate of KEDGE's Grande Ecole Programme, has just won more than a million euros on the game show "Les Douze coups de midi". At the age of 30, he walked away with 1,026,107 €, beating the record for most money won on a TV

30-year-old Bruno Hourcade grew up in Toulouse. After two years of attending prep classes in his native region, he was admitted to KEDGE’s Grande Ecole Programme. He then went on to work for the Eurosport group as a Branch Manager before being selected to appear on the TV game show "Les Douze coups de midi". What a great experience that was!




A passion worth over a million euros

His passion for trivia was apparent from early on. The huge book lover is very curious, and his thirst for knowledge has led him to acquire a great amount of knowledge. In fact, Bruno’s cultural interests have no limits. Whether in history, literature, or film, his knowledge is very extensive. To top it all off, he also has a very good memory.

"When I’m talking to someone and he or she tells me something I don't know, I always read entire Wikipedia entries that same night to find out more".

Bruno’s passion took a new turn when he took the bold step of crossing over to the other side of the screen. He went from being a spectator who enjoyed answering questions to a participant. His first on-screen appearance was on "Personne n’y avait pensé" with one of his friends. Then, during the pandemic, he decided to go for it and was a contestant on Douze Coups de Midi.


An incredible victory

He went home from this show with exactly 1, 026, 107 €. No one in France has ever before won such a large sum of money from a TV game show. Bruno had a total of 242 consecutive victories, a record that could very soon appear in the Guinness Book of World Records.


What’s next for the champion…

Having been without work since he lost his job, this money will give Bruno the opportunity to reflect upon his professional future. In the meantime, he’s allowed to take a break after 9 months of broadcasting and a hectic pace – five shows a day, Monday through Friday!





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