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250 stores are participating in this Kedger’s solidarity project!

1993 KEDGE graduate Karine Martin Laprade, along with Mathias Goudeau, have just launched a solidarity project for healthcare personnel.

KEDGE graduate Karine Martin Laprade has had a rich career. She’s worked for major groups such as M6, Disney, and RTL before she joined the TF1 Group as Director of Public Relations.

Now she’s at the head of her own communications agency - KAIR CONSEIL.

Café et chocolats pour les soignants #cafechocolatssoignants ☕🍫

(Coffee and chocolate for healthcare workers)

Healthcare workers are facing increasingly difficult situations that are adding to the accumulating fatigue and stressful uncertainty of what the current situation will bring.

With their solidarity project, Karine Martin LaPrade and Mathias Goudeau want to expand the applause and bring comfort to healthcare workers by creating a bond between French citizens and hospital teams on the front line.

"After talking to a Parisian doctor (who prefers to remain anonymous) about his desire for support and warmer bonds, people need to be able to expand their applause in a concrete way, providing by bringing comfort and gentleness. Thanks to a tangible and human, which is at the same time symbolic, pleasant, and useful - by offering them good coffee and chocolates. This is no small thing. Coffee is the drink of companionship and helps to cope with fatigue. And chocolate is a natural stimulant, is an antidepressant, and is soothing. To even pass along a stronger message, you or your children can write thank you notes to stick on the packages you buy for them. In this way, our thoughts become acts of kindness. " Mathias Goudeau, Magellair Productions.

This project is being carried out in partnership with the Fondation Hôpitaux de Paris - Hôpitaux de France. Within the scope of its Emergency Aid Fund, the Fondation addresses the needs of healthcare workers in the field, in particular, to improve their working conditions.


To tell you thanks, because we can't give you a hug!

How can I participate? 🤝

Of the various retailers contacted, Carrefour Market was the first to answer Mathias Goudeau's call and has been mobilising its teams for several days now to enable citizens to take part in this project.

Thanks to everyone's efforts more than 250 stores are participating in the project, which covers the country as well as the Foundation's hospital network.

People can simply buy the coffee and chocolate they want to donate and leave them at the cash registers of participating stores. 

  • Coffee: Packets of ground coffee and/or pods;
  • Chocolate: Bars and/or chocolate pieces.



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