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Founded by two Kedgers, Taleo consulting has a presence in eight countries and increased its global reach!

Yann and Benjamin Rouveure, 2010 KEDGE graduates, have headed Taleo Consulting, a financial services consulting group, since 2014.

The Taleo agency grown  since our first article about it was published in 2016.

Indeed, Taleo has established a definite presence with offices in six European countries: France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, and Spain. And last year, the first step towards expanding overseas was taken when an office in Singapore was opened.

The office in Singapore gives us the ability to expand our presence in Asia over time by becoming a new continental "Hub". This new location will allow us to extend our influence in Asia. 

As we reported before, Taleo is a specialist in Management Consulting. It serves major players in the financial sector, such as banks, insurance companies, and investment funds with a comprehensive range of services from IT to purely business activities, including governance and operations.

Over the years, the company has evolved around its key drivers of growth, such as Project Management, Agile Governance and Project Management, Risk Management, Finance, Accounting, etc., while following the new market trends such as artificial intelligence, digital technology, data, robotic automation, etc.

The basic principle of offering "one-stop services" to its clients was the right move! 

Taleo now has more than 300 employees and had a turnover of 25M€ in 2021. A new office in Portugal added a second Iberian country to its presence in Europe, bringing its international orbit to eight countries.

We are now well poised to strengthen our position in Europe and to become an indisputable European player in the consulting world while continuing our global expansion through increasingly innovative services that are in line with both our clients' needs and market trends.

Furthermore, our resilience during COVID was impressive (almost no projects were terminated). This demonstrates a good balance of our services in regard to what our partners absolutely must carry out ("must-do") and what would be nice to implement, but would not add much value ("nice to have").

In 2021, despite both a pandemic and a financial crisis, we were still able to achieve a company-wide growth rate of 58%. This would not have been possible without our employees, to whom we again extend our sincerest! These facts, taken together, give us the confidence to look to the future!

Additionally, the group has diversified from a sectoral point of view with the development of two new dedicated brands: ELMEA Consulting – which specialises in Life Science, and SAPIA Consulting – which specialises in Energy Transformation

Taleo is acutely conscious of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) issues and has adopted a robust internal CSR policy in which the well-being of its employees is at the very heart of its development strategy

Since its inception, the company as it exists today has undergone a major transformation in terms of CSR.

We’ve made enormous progress (obtaining several accreditations and certifications, our work ethics, support in the development of local economies, local partnerships, etc.) and we will continue to improve in the coming years. 

Taleo's ambitious project is to have more than 500 employees by 2025! To achieve this, the company is currently in a major recruitment phase that will last for the next few years.

We are constantly on the lookout for talent (gap year internships, end-of-study internships, VIEs, permanent contracts, etc.) in various positions (managers, talent managers, consultants, etc.) who will be the future cornerstones of Taleo. 

In this regard, and for the attention of all Kedgers, please don't hesitate to contact us directly at the following address:

We’ll be happy to hear from you!


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