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This Kedger, who founded CogNeed, has raised 400,000€ of investments and has accelerated in Voice Tech for client relations! 

A graduate of KEDGE’s Grande Ecole Programme, Erwan Demont founded CogNeed in 2019: an AI assistant for telephone reps, which provides real-time support for more efficient conversations, better customer experience, and improved productivity.

A specialist in real-time assistance for client relationship teams, the start-up CogNeed has had a long journey since 2019. From prototype development to real-world testing, it has developed an innovative proprietary conversational intelligence model, proven its value to its customers, and now continues its journey toward new goals. 


With a financing round of 400,000 euros from the WeLike network, CogNeed is preparing to take off. This fundraising will allow the company to both accelerate its commercial roll-out to French companies and launch several projects internationally. The funds will also allow the company to continue to add new functionalities, conduct research and development, and recruit around a dozen employees.



An enhanced agent solution, tailored to the needs of the market

For many companies, the future of remote customer relations lies in improving the experience as much for the customer as for the company.

While the current market trend is towards automated customer relations, a 2021 study by Botnation reports that the cold, automated aspect of chatbots still puts off 63% of consumers, whilst 72% of questions go unanswered. As a result, 67% of users prefer to go through a human agent when it comes to solving complex problems. At the VoiceTech Paris 2021 trade show, 76% of companies questioned regarding their investment projections for improving the customer experience placed voice technologies at the top of the list.

In line with this trend, CogNeed has chosen to focus on the human element by providing direct and tangible assistance to telephone operators (in remote sales, customer service and assistance, and support functions). During a telephone conversation, CogNeed AI™ detects the keywords spoken in real-time and dynamically displays information windows ("popups") on the agent's screen to guide him or her through the conversation.

Our solution covers a wide range of uses, is multilingual, and is capable of learning our customers' jargon within an hour. With a reaction time of less than 50 ms, agents and telephone advisors benefit from personalised cheat sheets and the best possible wording from their colleagues to better convince the people they are talking to. - Erwan Demont, Co-founder & CEO


A solution 100% tailored and responsible

CogNeed users can create a solution that suits them, in complete autonomy, directly through their client account:

  • They define their vocal commands and associated content;
  • They manage their teams, their campaigns and the different use cases; and,
  • They add their own integrations ( telecommunication equipment, CRM).

CogNeed can also be used without any software integration, directly as a Google Chrome plugin and using the agent's microphone. Use cases already in place with CogNeed customers include the real-time display of technical and functional specifications of their products, services, and offers, comparison information against competitors, answers to frequent objections, customer referrals, current offers, and various other processes (quotes, contracts, password changes, etc.).

Finally, using CogNeed also gives management insight into the topics discussed during telephone conversations, allows them to relay key information to the marketing department and to better pinpoint the training needs of the teams. As a signatory to the Cercle InterElles' Women & AI Charter, CogNeed is committed to addressing the risks of gender bias for a responsible and non-sexist AI. The solution is also natively compliant with the GDPR policies as CogNeed does not need to listen to, nor record any, conversations with customers, to assist the agent.



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