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The MAI continuing education programme at KEDGE is "a vehicle of professional and personal enrichment", according to this graduate.

Testimonial of Wilfried Bordin, graduate from KEDGE’s MAI continuing education programme, now purchaser at Howmet Aerospace.

Wilfried Bordin graduated from KEDGE's MAI continuing education programme in 2020. He gives us an overview of his career, the training he received at KEDGE, and what the programme has allowed him to achieve. An inspiring career path that resulted from getting perspective through additional training.

Hello Wilfried. Thank you for agreeing to speak to me. Would you tell us a bit about what your position was before you joined KEDGE's further education programme, and what did that position entail?

Thank you for contacting me. I’m a buyer for Howmet Aerospace, a global provider of advanced engineering solutions for the aerospace and transportation industries. This position consists of managing the company's direct purchases (mainly aerospace fastening systems) and some indirect purchases (such as subcontracting operations with external service providers and purchasing consumables and maintenance tools). 


In 2019, you decided to go back to school and you did KEDGE Business School’s MAI continuing education programme. What was behind your decision?

I immediately got a position in purchasing after I got my degree and held different positions in two successive companies. During the 16 years of my career, I had always wanted to go back to school. While waiting to find the programme that would provide what I wanted, I took several training courses for improving foreign languages, as well as for office automation software and procurement techniques.

After I attended forums for executives, finding out about employee assistance programmes, and discussions with former KEDGE students, I decided to take the MAI continuing education courses because the programme perfectly met what I was looking for. I was interested in its international nature, and the innovation side makes the programme very attractive

"KEDGE MAI has been at the top of the Purchasing Masters rankings for several years, which was an additional criterion that left no doubt as to my choice". 

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What direct benefits do you feel you’ve gained from getting this training? Did it give you access to new professional opportunities (job changes, new assignments) in either the short- or medium-term?

The direct benefits were apparent right from the start. I very quickly had a better understanding of the value of my position within the company. I also became more proactive and took a closer interest in my company’s strategy.

My manager left a few months after I started the programme, so my responsibilities quickly evolved. The current health crisis also accelerated some internal changes, therefore I was able to put to the knowledge I had learned to use, both on a human and technical level.


How did your courses go? What are the two main experiences/memories that have stuck with you? With hindsight, would you do it again?

My courses went very well. The teaching team was very welcoming, the premises are perfectly adapted for learning, and the course content was far beyond my expectations. As for memories, my first is the week-long “Corporate Environment - Big Picture” course. We had to prepare a group presentation in English in one day, and had to go before the class and two teachers in the campus auditorium. There were fruitful exchanges and it was well-paced despite the pressure of timing. That experience strengthened our bonds and we all benefited from the research done by the whole class.

My second memory is about work we had to do to prepare for an innovation course. We had to complete an audit grid on purchasing organisations with regard to innovation. That work gave me the ability to communicate in detail with the European director of my company's R&D department, better understand their roles, and learn about current projects.

“Because of the training I received, questioning the internal actors of my company was warranted so that I could better understand their expectations. That enabled me to open up new channels of communication.”

Looking back, I would do it again without hesitation. It breathes new life in a career, as well as being very useful both professionally and personally. 


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The business environment is increasingly changing and requires a constant effort to acquire and update one’s knowledge and skills. What type of profile would you recommend attend continuing education courses at KEDGE?

In my opinion, KEDGE's continuing education programme is suitable for individuals who are looking for professional and personal enrichment. The programme offers the technical tools and feedback necessary to progress in a position or career change.

What’s more, KEDGE's powerful network makes it easy to connect with other Alumni and helps us reach our goals.


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