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 This KEDGE Alumna KEDGE has just thrown out a crazy bet

Freshly graduated from KEDGE, Marine Robin has just launched a crazy challenge! With two friends, they will participate in a sporty, feminine, and humanitarian challenge: the Raid des Alizés race, in Martinique.

A very enriching international  

Marine began attending KEDGE’s Grande Ecole Programme in Bordeaux in 2012, after doing two years of prep classes in Rennes. "During my two years campus in Bordeaux, I was a member of the Bureau des Sports and was in charge of the events department. It was a first step towards event management, and later I did an internship in the field on major sports events such as the Tour de France and Roland Garros."

She then went to Shanghai during her gap year. "It was an incredible experience, and it was there that I met Lisa and Inès, my Limonraid teammates!". After spending a few months in Dublin for a project in developing subsidiaries, Marine went to Chile for eight months to complete her master's degree and get a double degree! "The time I spent at KEDGE, followed by two years abroad, were very enriching (personally, professionally), and I was able to customise my course by combining multiple aspects: events, entrepreneurship, sports, projects, travel, and meetings!”

When she returned to France, she worked for two years for the start-up “Brand and Celebrities”, then co-founded Popjune, a creative, dynamic and responsible event management agency! "Popjune is now a year old, and it's our little laboratory - a dynamic, positive, and committed agency that resembles us. It carries our vision, our values, and especially the projects that animate us! The Raid des Alizés is completely part of our dynamic sense of giving, challenging, and having a positive impact!".

A crazy little goal: the Raid des Alizés race

Every year at the end of November, nearly 200 women in teams of three push their limits in Martinique. Over four days, they will begin a series of challenges that take place between sea and mountain with a programme for the least intense: trail, kayak, mountain bike, and orienteering for a total of 70 km! A sports challenge, but also solidarity: each team supports an association whose colours it will wear throughout the race to raise funds.

"Because most of all the Raid " explains Marine: "is a human adventure, where the values of sharing, mutual aid and surpassing oneself are put before all!"

Les Limonraid (their team’s name) are raising funds for La Maison des femmes, in Saint-Denis: a unique place in France that fights to have violence against women treated as a public health problem, and that offers a concrete and comprehensive support: medical, psychological, psychiatric, and legal. More than 11,000 women have been helped since it opened in 2014. The funds raised by the Limonraid will be used for an extension that will double the centre’s size, so the stakes are high because the further Limonraid goes, the more donations they will raise!

This trio is not afraid of a blazing sun and less than four hours of sleep, and they like to take on challenges that make sense!

Taking part in the Raid des Alizés is project that resembles them, with a goal that will have a positive and unifying impact that they can succeed on together while promoting common values! 



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Coucou 🌱💛 M-6 jour pour jour avant le @raiddesalizes en #Martinique !! Voici la #teamdechoc ce week-end à #Fontainebleau! Au programme : 16 Km dans les rochers du massif des trois pignons, 800D+ et 25 Bosses 💥🍃🧗🏃🏻‍♀️ pour 3h40 de bonheur intensif. Une séance de préparation physique : un mélange de running, d'escalade, et d'entraide pour ce première challenge d'équipe 🤩 Quelques difficultés à descendre les escaliers du métro aujourd'hui🙈 mais on est toujours debout 💪🔥 prêtes à recommencer ! #raiddesalizés #teamdechoc #trail #fontainebleau #25bosses #onlâcherien #girlpower #espritdequipe #running #bièrebienmeritée #escalade #goforit #limonraid #aventurieres #sportfeminin #empowerment #nature #forêt

Une publication partagée par LIMONRAID (@limonraid) le 

Hi 🌱💛 M-6 to the day before @raiddesalizes in #Martinique !! Here's the #teamdechoc this weekend at #Fontainebleau! On the agenda: 16 km in the rocks of the massif of the three gables, 800D + and 25 hills💥🍃🧗🏃🏻♀️ for 3:40h of intense happiness. A physical preparation session: a mix of running, climbing, and support for this first team challenge 🤩 Some difficulties going down the metro steps today🙈 but we are still standing 💪🔥 ready to start again! # raiddesalizés #teamdechoc #trail #fontainebleau # 25bosses # onlâcherien #girlpower #spritdequipe #running # beerbienmerite #slide #goforit #limonraid #surfer #sportfeminin #empowerment #nature # forest, Post published by LIMONRAID (@limonraid) on 27 May 2019 at 5:37 PDT

Help them reach their goal

In order to finance their registration, fly to event with the necessary equipment, and support the association, team Limonraid must raise the sum of 10,000 euros before 1 September.

They have launched a crowdfunding campaign and are searching for companies to partner with who are ready to support them and join the adventure! If you would like to discuss the project with them, write to them at the following address:





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