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Young graduate testimonial: finding his path after leaving school

For some Kedgers, the post-diploma graduation world is synonymous with questions and uncertainties. Today, Alec shares his feelings concerning the start of his professional life

The Project

"Life after Graduation" is a new Pro-act with three KEDGE students whose aim is to provide a practical guide for current Kedgers regarding employability, the labour market, and job interviews. They are gathering testimonials from recently graduated Kedgers with different backgrounds and in different professional situations.

The Interview

  • What did you study at KEDGE? 

"After taking Economics and Commercial Technological  prep courses, I went to the Master in Management Grande Ecole (PGE) programme at KEDGE Bordeaux, focusing on digital for my Master. Between Master 1 and Master 2, I did an internship in London as an Activities and Social Media Intern with EF Education First, and one in Paris as a Communications and Events Planning Assistant with Thales Digital Factory. After that, I got a fixed-term contract at Thales Digital Factory in Singapore as Communications and Office trainee. I graduated on 6 December 2019."

  •  Were you a member of any associations?  If so, which ones and what were your responsibilities?

"I first joined the Arts Office as an events planning and partners assistant. Then, I joined the communications department of Kedge Motors Club ."

  • What is your current job?  

"I’m currently working as a digital and communications project manager for Axa on a renewable fixed-term contract.”  

  • What difficulties have you encountered in your career since you graduated?  How did you overcome them? 

"The search for my first job was a bit difficult, mainly because there aren’t many jobs available at the end of the year. What’s more, I suppose that I had little experience compared to other applicants. Now that I’m in a job, the most difficult thing is proving myself, handling pressure, and not disappointing my managers. But I wonder if the job itself is what I want to do in the future. I think the most important thing to overcome these difficulties is to not give up when looking for a job, and be able to convince an employer that you have what it takes to succeed." 

  • How did you prepare for the different interviews? What advice would you tell a Kedger to do before an interview?

"I mainly relied on my past interviewing experiences when I interviewed for internships. I’d advise someone to skillfully make use of each work experience in order to bring out the skills and qualities he or she has acquired."

  • Did you use any of the KEDGE Alumni services and/or participate in any of the school’s events by the school concerning the employability of its students?

"Yes. I used the school's Alumni service, mainly to find my first job and for workshops. I also participated several times in the My Way Days and LinkedIn workshops offered by the school, which gave me a lot of guidance about job offers and interviews. Also, don’t hesitate to apply directly on the companies' website. It's a strategy to get an interview that pays off."

  • In your opinion, what else could the school have done in this area?

"I think these initiatives by the school are very helpful because they form a stepping stone by creating the first contact between a student and a company. However, I would have liked to see the partnerships with companies go even further, maybe increase the number of events."



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  • What difficulties have you encountered in your daily life since you graduated (change in pace of life, administrative procedures, financial situation, etc) and how did you overcome them?

"Obviously, since I go to work every day I have a lot less free time for extra-curricular activities (sports, movies, going out to restaurants, etc). I’ve also learned to manage my budget by repaying my student loan as well as my other bills. But I’ve adapted and try not to spend too much."


Editor’s note:

Alec is ready to answer your questions about post-degree life.



We are interested in your experiences!

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